Looking to get a visa to the Democratic Republic of Congo? The Democratic Republic of Congo, also known as the DRC, is the largest country in Central Africa surrounded by Angola, the Central African Republic, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Zambia. It has a total area of 2,3 million km². The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the second-largest rainforest in the world, the Congo rainforest. The DRC is also known for Lake Tanganyika and the Albertine Rift. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s mining sector with an abundance in copper, diamonds, gold, and manganese is noteworthy as well as the great potential for growth in the agribusiness sector. If you are looking to grow your business or bring in the valuable skill set of your foreign employees in this jurisdiction, the DRC offers various immigration options for exploring business opportunities, and for undertaking work. Please contact us for more information on how we may assist you in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 


With Xpatweb, you will receive a set of integrated services designed to support you before and after your arrival in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These include a foreign exchange service; company structure and cross border planning, proactive non-residency status confirmation; opening local and foreign bank accounts; South African Reserve Bank clearances; tax planning, compliance, and communication, as well as any customized requirements within our service range. We have a global team of more than 80 professionals, including immigration specialists, mobility practitioners, tax practitioners, attorneys, and chartered accountants, and this unique skillset allows us to address your immigration and residence needs holistically.

Our well-established network of law, tax, and financial firms will ensure a smooth transition into the Congolese market.



Marisa Jacobs​
Marisa Jacobs
Moeketsi Seboko​
Moeketsi Seboko
Immigration Manager
Bontle Makinta​
Bontle Makinta
Project Coordinator
Pascalle Brewis​
Pascalle Brewis
Immigration Specialist
Lerato Mahupela​
Lerato Mahupela
Immigration Specialist
Tasia Brummer
Tasia Brummer
Immigration Specialist
Elizma Conradie​
Elizma Conradie
Administrative Assistant
Nombuso Buthelezi​
Nombuso Buthelezi
Immigration Administrator
Busisiwe Mbele​
Busisiwe Mbele
Immigration Consultant
Alishia Strydom​
Alishia Strydom
Project Coordinator
Tarissa Wareley​
Tarissa Wareley
Immigration Consultant
Na Li (Lina) 李娜​
Na Li (Lina) 李娜
Immigration Consultant
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